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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Artificial Breeze @ Pisa cafe

Ya, benar sekali. nanti gue mau manggung di Pisa Cafe dengan rasa sakit perut dan juga kepanikan yang luar biasa hebatnya.. hahahaha lebay, isi dari title cuma ini aja. yang gue mau kasih tau adalah, there's another spoiler untuk Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.. ya gue akan kasih tau, kalo mau liat tinggal di highlight aja. sengaja warnanya gue samain sama background biar orang2 yang ga mau liat bisa ga liat, yang mau liat silahkan aja terserah lo.

To answer many frequent questions
- NO Barricade in movie
- No explanation why Megan Fox puts the white dress on and holds the flowers, just does it for no reason it would seem
- No explanation what the Twins reformat from the Ice Cream truck, they just do it in the hanger
- Bikes do NOT combine (you only see the rider ladies once and one bike is killed at end or badly shot)
- Optimus/ Jetfire combination NOT permenant, one whole booster ripped off fighting with Megatron and the Fallen. Prime tears rest off at battles end
- Jolt appears out of nowhere 1/2 way into film on the runway (as does Ratchet) and you old see Jolt one other time from what I could see. Never a main shot or close up of him. His hands sizzle electricity like the SW Emperor. He must have less than 5 seconds screen time
- There are LOADS of constructicons, after Devastator has combined you still see Mixmater and Long Haul loads, plus others
- Bonecrusher from 1st movie appears in truck mode
- You do see Soundwaves head but he never transforms. Voice is Welkers G1 Megatron voice
- The "Blackout/Grindor" bot is never explained, just appears, slightly different head to Blackout though
- Sideways only seen for robot for split second then back to car, then Sideswipe cuts him in half longways
- FINALLY a shot of Optimus turning into the truck!
- Megatron is a triple changer, you see him as robot, tank and a jet. Jet looked like tank but with flat wings, hard to see
- Mixmaster is triple changer, robot, truck and weapons platform. Uses platform mode twice at the end
- Shot of the protoforms arriving, some reused footage from first film. Some first film footage used with more prototforms added

Best Lines from the film
- The Twins "That hurt" - "It's an ass kicking, it's supposed to"
- The Twins "Maybe he's just a pussy!"
- The Twins when they see Devastator "Look at that mother f*BANG*"
- Jetfire (when hanger doors won't open) "Oh bollocks!"
- Jetfire "I'm too old for this crap!"

The good
- SUPERB Special effects, truely amazing
- The music score is great again, some lovely chior pieces
- Optimus is solid, really kicks ass - As does Bumblebee when he tries!
- Action, action, action!
- Some lovely moments between Starscream and Megatron

The bad
- Sam's mum getting stoned - Really annoying pointless scene
- Alice - Pointless character and waste of screentime
- And I am very, very, VERY sorry to say - Devastator. Totally pointless him being in the film. He doesn't get involved in the final battle and Simmons bringing him down is very WTF, by far Devastator biggest let down in movie
- When Sam dies and goes to Autobot heaven - WTF???

Stuff different from trailers
- Bumblebee never says "what is your purpose Sam" like in the Showest footage - I might be wrong about this one
- Some of the Showest sections are different takes in final film
- The military guy saying "Looks exactly like a truck" not in movie

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Fariz Razi said...

waw goodluck ya Ngga manggungnya! padahal kalo pas lo baca ini jg paling udah selesai hahahaha gilaaaaaaaaa gw tergoda untuk nge-itemin tulisan lo itu, tapi gw tahan2!!! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

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