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Monday, June 8, 2009

Transformers 2 Tokyo Premiere and Spoiler!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen telah membuat official worldwide debut nya di Tokyo, Japan dengan para pelaku "human" dan director Michael Bay dalam kehadirannya. Disana juga ada sebuah asap - asap dan dengan kehadiran Bumblebee (sebuah patung tentunya). Sebagai tambahan, dibawah akan ada sebuah spoiler tentang filmnya oleh seseorang pada saat premiere dan dia menulis tentang plot nya, suara para Transformers, tampang nya dan bagaimana mereka dipakai selama berada di film.

*Spoiler* (kalau saya jadi anda, saya tidak akan membaca ini tapi karna udah terlanjur ya mau gimana lagi)

Ok guys just got back! Don't have much time to post, don't wanna miss the train but here's some quick stuff.

Movie was incredible, I liked it much more than the first! More action, more robots, less humans! Though there are some lame sexual inuendos like Wheelie humping Megan's leg.

Anyway, Bay and the actors came right into the theater and introduced the film. I was tempted to scream "Don Murphy Stooges #1" but I didn't want to get led out by security!

The VA thing in the credits was way too fast, sorry guys. The Fallen was Todd something. Welker does voice Soundwave, and Devastator too. Devastator has one line, screaming his name. Soundwave only has a few lines but he speaks English. But he never comes down to earth and never turns into a robot. Bleah. Very little screen time, but at least he doesn't get exploded which leaves things open for the third movie.

Mostly English, not much cybertronian.

The Twins were lame. As in the "bust a cap in you ass" stereotype. I could've done without them.

Jetfire was comic relief. He has a British accent and reminded me of a Monty Python character. He doesn't "combine" with Prime in the normal sense, he gets fatally wounded and rips out his spark, killing himself so Prime can use his parts.

Wheelie is nothing like G1 Wheelie. He kinda reminds me of Rattrap.

Lots of kitchen bots. One was a Samurai too. Bludgeon?

Only named Constructicon is Rampage, and he is red.

Megatron is revived by some Constructicons and "The Doctor."

Sideways never transforms, he is cut in half by Sideswipe in the first battle scene in car mode. Sideswipe is cool. Ravage is cool too.

There was a bot that looked like Blackout but he was not named. Blackout himself was never revived so I can't say it was him. He did not speak and was not named in the credits. In fact in the last battle scene there were tons of, well, "repaints," basically reused animation. So even after Devastator forms, there are still constructicons running around. And some Protoforms. I even saw a truck that looked like Bonecrusher...though I never saw him in robot mode. Scorponok is in the final battle too and is killed by Jetfire in about 2 seconds.

There are three motorcycles, but they appear to be named collectively Arcee. Not much screen time/lines for them anyway.

The term "Matrix of Leadership" is used, it's a key that operates a device to draw energy from the sun.

Oh tidak, ada sesuatu dibagian spoiler yang mengecewakan para Transformers Fans seperti saya.

Btw, another news! Transformers bike on the road! ya, pada minggu ini sebuah motor dengan versi khusus dari Aprilia RSV 1000 R membuat debut-nya di Jalan Amerika. Motor ini telah digambar dengan logo Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen dan mata The Fallen untuk filmnya. Model motor ini adalah salah satu yang dinaiki oleh Megan Fox di filmnya, tapi ini bukan salah satu dari motor Arcee. More pictures of the bike can be found here.

dan hal yang baiknya lagi adalah, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen akan muncul di layar lebar Indonesia pada tanggal 26 Juni 2009! yep, ternyata bukan 24 Juni 2009..

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jalan2 sama pacarnya ke bioskop aja nonton transformers..

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